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Many of you already know us and if you don’t, you probably know someone who does. We have been a part of the Marine Industry for about 20 years, providing Safety and Environmental consulting services.


Demo Video

After listening and looking at systems that are available to the industry, we decided to put together a simple and affordable recycling unit which requires very little maintenance. 

  1. UNIT INCLUDES: 1 - 125 gal. Poly UV Resistant Tank ,  1 - 110V Sump Pump, 2 - 316 S/S Filtration Chambers, 1 - 110V combo Tank Recycling Pump, also used for water feed boost for Multi Power Wash Units, 1 - 25’ Sump Hose (1-1/4” or 2”) with quick disconnects, 1 - 2990 GVW single axle trailer (trailer unit only) - Complete with a non powered fresh water feed control -  COMPLETELY ASSEMBLED
  2. EASY AND SIMPLE - Our units are the most simple to use. The unit is available skid mount, closed trailer, and open trailer (as shown). If you have a washing pad and a sump, all you need is a 3/4” water hose and a 110V GFI receptacle. Just plug it in, hook up the water hose and power wash unit and you are good to go!