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A sump, so the water can collect and be pumped back to the filtration unit. Traps prior to the sump add to the effectiveness. 

Yes, we partner with an engineering firm we can have do this for you. 

Approximately 1 gallon per foot. (i.e., 30ft boat you use up about 30 gallons) 

Poly Resin Cartridges. We believe it gives you more flexibility, and in the long run will be more versatile and cost effective for all filtration challenges encountered.  

Based on the sampling that we have done to this point, determination of the results for both are non-hazardous.

So at the end of the season you can dispose of the water as non-hazardous wastewater. And the filters, when dry, can be thrown in your dumpster, if you have sampling done or drummed and land filled as non-hazardous waste. 

Basically, you only have to worry about filter change out. 

No technical service needed, all parts easily replaced at your local plumbing supply store. So you can be back up and running within a couple hours. 

The tank has an automatic fill valve that calls for more water when needed. The float valve is adjustable to a 20 to 90 gallon range, up to you. 

There is none. It’s designed to be simple – specifically for marine use.